Dance Pictures

We had dance again this week but this time it was for pictures!  My mom was willing and able to take Benjamin to boxing today so that I could be across town with Emma.  It was a bit tricky.

I had both kids’ bags packed and ready to go so that when they got home from school we could head out.  I dropped Benjamin off at the gym first so that he could get changed.  My mom was there shortly after and watched him and took him home for me.

Meanwhile, Emma changed into her costume in the car.  I had packed my hair straightener and a bag of make-up so that we could get her ready once we got to the rec. center.  We were really pushing it.  We got there with 10 minutes to spare before her class was up for pictures.  We ran to the bathroom and did her make-up while the straightener was heating up.  She has this amazing costume and hair piece so we didn’t really need to do a whole lot with her hair.  You can tell that she was in love with it all!


There were four or five other classes getting their group and individual pictures taken so even with us being exactly on time we still had a little bit of a wait.  I thought that was one of the funnest parts though.  All of these little girls were all dolled up and you could tell that it added some type of fire to them.  These once timid and reserved little girls had amazing dance attitudes!  I’m being very specific with my description of their attitudes because I know that most attitudes are not welcome but they seemed to smile brighter and pose harder because of the way their little outfits made them feel.  I thought it was so cute!  I guess feathers and sequins will do that to you 🙂 .

After the group pictures each of the girls had their own individual pictures taken.  Talk about dance attitude!  Emma was pointing and jumping into the air and posing as if she’d done it her whole life.  I was impressed!  Watching the girls in their costumes has me excited for her recital next week.  I can tell it’s going to be quite the show!!!



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