Benjamin Sparing

Today we got Benjamin his very first set of head-gear.  The fact that he now has head-gear means that he can fully participate in the act of sparring.

At the end of each lesson the kids spar one another for about 20 minutes.  It’s the perfect time for them to put into action everything that they’ve been learning.  Benjamin has been able to participate in the past but only to an extent.  Since he had no gear to protect his face and head he, and the person sparring with him, were not allowed to hit above the shoulders.  Now that he has the proper gear all of that goes out the window.

I thought watching him spar before was hard but it’s nothing compared to watching him do it now.

On the plus side, we made the realization that since he’s left-handed his stance should be different.  Now that all the coaches know that they are working with him even harder.  I’ve seen a big improvement in just the past week.

We’ll have to see if we continue this sport when we move to Florida.  We might have to take up something different like surfing!


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