Julia’s First Dance Recital

Tonight we drove up to North Las Vegas to see Julia dance in her very first dance recital.  The kids were really excited about going once I told them.  Joseph kept calling her Olivia, but he knew exactly who we were going to see.  I have to say, it was a really amazing night considering all the things that did and could have gone wrong.

We had to leave almost right after Benjamin got home from boxing.  He had just enough time to change and then we headed out.  We didn’t have time for dinner so I decided to just take Jones all the way north, thinking I’d find some place to grab dinner along the way.  Boy was I ever wrong!  I felt horrible for the kids but they were being such troopers.  I had also planned on picking up Julia some flowers on the way.  Time just kept racing by and I didn’t want to miss anything.  We’ll be in Florida soon and will miss out on a lot of these fun little things so I’m trying to make sure that we’re present as much as possible.  Luckily, I had brought a chocolate candy bar and tied it in some sparkly ribbon that happened to be her favorite color.  We could at least give her that.

Before we knew it, we were at the recital and hadn’t found any food.  I made a deal with the kids that if they were really good we would go find some great dinner and they’d each get ice cream!  I know, bribing my kids to get what I want probably isn’t the best thing to do but I’m a desperate mother so I’ll do just about anything at this point.

They sat and watched and applauded and seemed to have a really good time.  Jacob was a bit squirmy but he’s 3 and he really just wanted his own seat and not to sit on my lap.  They were always so excited when it was Julia’s time and they stood and watched her with only the love of a cousin!!!

She looked so beautiful!  I love watching little kids that age dance because they are so happy with what they’re doing even if it is nothing like what it’s supposed to be.  I wish we could keep that kind of confidence in ourselves for longer.


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