A Lazy Saturday

It was so hot today!  Even after driving home in the air-conditioned car the kids were still hot and sweaty.  As we drove into the development I noticed the sprinklers were on at the park down the street.  I told the kids they were more than welcome to go over to the park and run through the sprinklers to help cool off.  Emma and Joseph both took me up on that offer!!!



They are such hams!!!  Surprisingly, Jacob fell asleep and stayed asleep even after they came home yelling and screaming about how cold the water was and how wet they were.  That poor boy got a bloody nose and so I wouldn’t let him go to the park with the other kids.  Instead, I was a mean mother and had him recline his head to give it time to stop bleeding.  It was so bad.  You can see evidence of it all down the front of his shirt.  In the few minutes that I had him lay on the ottoman he fell asleep.  I love his ability to fall asleep whenever and wherever (a trait he gets from his father 🙂 ) but it always makes me feel so bad.  I should have had him in bed or something, but I know it’s just a matter of circumstance.  He’s been running around in the sun all morning and it just got the better of him.

Here’s to more lazy Saturdays!!!


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