Emma’s Spring Dance Recital

Tonight was Emma’s spring dance recital.  She was so excited but her nerves seemed to grow as we got closer to the Pavillion.  We were able to get her dressed and all gussied up while Benjamin was at boxing.  We had just enough time to paint her nails before we got in the car.  She just looked absolutely gorgeous to me.  Every time I looked back at her I couldn’t help but smile at her.  She looked so calm and collected, even if she was nervous underneath.  I couldn’t get over how she just shined!

We left for the venue right after Benjamin was done with boxing.  I wanted to make sure we got a good seat so that pictures and video would be good.  We ended up getting there 90 minutes early, but there were already tons of people there.  We ended up getting wonderful seats, it was just keeping the kids seating long enough to save them.  The sun was shining right on us which made it incredibly hot to just sit there.  Luckily, the temperature dropped as the sun set.

As family started arriving I took advantage of them entertaining the boys while I went and took some pictures of Emma before her big debut.



Emma’s not usually so “POW” with her posing.  I swear it has something to do with the costumes and the excitement of the evening.  I got that same feeling when I saw Julia at her dance recital the other day.  Whatever it was it was fun to watch all the girls, old and young, run around with so much excitement.

Megan and Julia made a date out of the evening.  I wasn’t expecting to see any of the Johnson cousins because I know they’re still little and have early bed times.  It made everything that much more special.  I think she enjoyed herself.  There were times when she was clapping so enthusiastically I thought she might hurt herself 🙂 .  She really is a doll!  With Hannah, Emma, and Julia all in dance now I’m sure we’ll get some group numbers as they get older and hang out more.


The first number that Emma did was a tap number to the song “Starlite Rainbow Rite“.  I loved every minute of watching her dance.  She danced so hard she almost slipped a couple of times.  I’m so glad she corrected herself because I can only imagine what would have happened if she would have fallen, especially with her being so nervous.  I have to say a big thank you to all the family that put up with sitting next to or entertaining the boys so that I could enjoy her.  They just got a little antsy after sitting for hours just to save a spot.

My absolute favorite dance number was “Rainbow Connection”.  Every time I watch her dance to the beginning part of that song I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed.  She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up and that whole first part of the song showcases that ballerina aspect.  Her lines are beautiful and when she learned the choreography she worked at kicking her legs higher and jumping farther.  I love that she loves dancing enough to put so much of her heart into it.  The music is serious just long enough to get me emotional but then it has this wonderfully fun ending to it!  It’s perfect!!!

Emma learned the choreography for the finale just a week or two ago.  She was so excited because she knew that she’d be there with all the girls.  She loves watching those bigger girls dance!!!


I could never come up with that many dance numbers and keep them all straight, at least enough to be able to teach all the classes.  Lori is truly an amazing teacher!  She has a love and a passion for what she does and you could really see it tonight!!!  It’s going to be incredibly hard to find a dance teacher like her in Florida.  We love you and will miss you tremendously, Ms Lori!!!




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3 responses to “Emma’s Spring Dance Recital

  1. Oh man! You’re in big trouble! She is adorable! She looks so big and beautiful.

  2. Heather Williams

    She did so good. I loved the rainbow Brits number. 🙂

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