Growing Pains of a Morning Routine

This morning I realised how grateful I am that the kids know how to get themselves ready for the day.  Most of the time they can’t be bothered to do it but when it comes down to the wire they are able to do what is expected of them.

I think back to when Benjamin was three and how hard it was for me to teach him to get his hair wet.  Sure I could have gone the easy route and buzzed his head.  That would have made everything so much easier – for me!!!  The problem wouldn’t have come ’til later (about now) when we have a crazy morning and I’m busy getting younger children ready and he’s sitting there doing nothing, just waiting for me to get him ready.  That would never fly!

Putting in that little bit of extra time in my day when he was younger to teach him a technique as simple as getting his hair wet and progressing from there to him later learning how to put gel in his hair and then to learning how to comb it right helps out tremendously now.

Now, when he goes and spends the night at Nana and Papa’s place he can get ready, head to toe, all by himself.  The best part is that he is now learning to take pride in the way he looks.  That’s not in a vain way but more that he understands that for church he parts his hair instead of spiking it, he wants to wear clean clothes and therefore helps with the laundry.

I realise with a girl it’s a little different.  She probably won’t be able to truly, successfully do her own hair for quite some time, but she knows what she wants and prepares herself accordingly.  She comes into my bathroom with comb, brush, and hair accessories in hand and tells me what she has planned for her hair.  Some days her plans are a little too elaborate for the time alloted and I have to make adjustments but just that little bit helps in getting four kids ready for the day.

So now when I’m going through those same growing pains with Joseph in teaching him how to get his hair ready in the morning before he even comes in to see me I know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that he’ll be as efficient as Benjamin in time.  It just takes time and patience!


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