Stanley’s Adventures In Florida

Finally finished the story!  Emma read through it once tonight.  She did such a good job with expression.  She’s wonderful!  I think she really liked the story especially since she laughed in several places.

Stanley’s Adventures In Florida


“Where am I?” said Stanley.  “The last thing I remember is trying to get away from those thieves in the museum.  I had to climb into a big box that was getting onto an airplane.”

After walking around for a little bit Stanley soon realized he was at IKEA!!! He walked, and walked, and walked.

“I can’t believe how big this place is!  There is so much to look at!” exclaimed Stanley.

He tried out some of the furniture and even laid down on one of the beds.  It was so comfortable that soon Stanley was snoring.  He was so tired after such a long trip and so much walking.

When he woke up Stanley’s stomach was rumbling.

“Hum,” Stanley thought, “I wonder where I could get some food.”

He walked around and found out that IKEA has the best lunches ever!  He had mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, chocolate milk and even a cookie!  After lunch, Stanley needed to think about what he was going to do because he was so far away from his home.  So, he sat down and thought.

He thought, “Well, I am in Florida! Maybe I can look around while I figure out how to get home.”

As he walked out of IKEA Stanley saw a tour bus drive by. It read, “Shark Valley Tours.”

“Ooh, sharks!” Stanley thought, “Maybe they have sharks in Florida!”

Stanley was in for a surprise.  When he got off of the tour, there were no sharks, but the tour took him into the Florida Everglades! There, he saw a big alligator! Then he saw another one, and another one! They were everywhere! Stanley decided he should climb into the trees just to be safe. It wasn’t all scary, though. While in the tree, he looked down and saw a little alligator.

“Hey up there!” It called. “What are you afraid of?”

“My name’s Stanley, and all of those alligators look mean. I’m just the right size for a snack!”

“Oh, come down. I’ll keep you safe. My name’s Alli.” She said, as Stanley climbed down.

But as Stanley reached the bottom the tree he was climbing it fell over right on top of Alli!!!

“Oh, no!!!” cried Stanley. “Alli?  Alli? Are you alright???”

The next thing you know, Alli the gator climbed out from under the fallen tree, but she didn’t look the same.  Instead of being a big scary alligator she was FLAT!!!  Just like Stanley!

They walked down the Everglades and saw a turtle.  Stanley had never ridden on a turtle before.  Stanley tried to ride on him but the turtle was tricky.  As Stanley snuck up behind it and jumped on, it slid down into the water.  Alli just laughed and laughed!  After that, he needed to rest in the shade of a flower for a little bit.  But not too long, or else those big alligators would come back!

Stanley didn’t want to spend the next day in the hot Everglades, so when he woke up from his nap, he and Alli found a crane that was on his way to the beach.  They both climbed on his back and held on tight!

When they got to the beach Stanley changed into his swim suit.  They played in the sand and even buried themselves up to their necks.  They got so much sand on themselves that they needed to go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

“Wow, Alli!  The water is so warm!” said Stanley.  “It feels like I’m swimming in my bath tub!”

Stanley had so much fun flying on the crane that he wanted to fly some more.  He figured out how to make himself into a kite!  He let the people at the beach play with him as a kite, and boy was it fun!

While he was flying around in the air as a kite, he had an idea.

“I could fly home!” thought Stanley. “But flying home as a kite would be super tough.”

So the next day, Stanley packed his bags and headed to the airport.  He brought Alli, too, since she had never been to the desert.  The tricky thing about airports is that you have to go through all kinds of security.  If you can’t walk through the metal detectors you have to go through the x-ray machine.

“Uh-oh!” said Stanley. “It’s going to be dark in the x-ray machine!  Hold my hand Alli so you don’t get lost.”

When they got on the plane, the pilot asked Stanley, “Do you want to fly the plane?”

“Wow, I’ve never done anything like that,” replied Stanley.  He sat in the co-pilot seat and got all ready to fly, but he had some trouble reaching the controls.

“That’s okay,” the pilot said, “you’re still a pilot on this plane!”  And he gave Stanley his pilot’s wings!

Stanley sat and watched out the window as the plane took off into the air.  He was going to miss Florida and the beaches but he didn’t want to visit the Everglades again.  He was happy he had his new friend Alli with him. Once they were safe on the ground, Stanley breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad that adventure is over!” he said to Alli, who’s adventure in the desert was only beginning.


As soon as Emma had read through the story and the kids were all in bed I went to work glueing down all the pieces to Emma’s presentation.  She had finished her homework yesterday so that gave her time to design her board.  This is what we came up with…

She wanted to be able to take Stanley and Alli the gator off but I knew if I added velcro it wouldn’t be long before they were ripped so I laminated them both!  I couldn’t figure out how to attach Stanley the kite so I added another pocket for him to sit inside.  She did a really good job of placing everything, although I did have to move one of the pockets because it was right on the seam and I couldn’t fold the board in half with it where she wanted.  She has her jar of sand, her bottle of Ocean water, and pilot wings all ready to pass out to her classmates!

I finished glueing everything down on the board at about 10:00 pm but I wasn’t a bit tired.  So, with my crafty juices flowing I somehow came up with the insane idea of making Flat Stanley cookies!  I know, it’s a gift and a curse 😉 .

I found a gingerbread cookie cutter and used that to make the body.  I whipped up some sugar cookie dough and made 30 Stanleys.  By that point it was too late to decorate so I figured I’d just save if for the morning.  I bought some of this Betty Crocker cookie icing a while back and so I’ll put it to good use.  I could easily make my own royal icing but I’m in the process of cleaning out my pantry and craft stuff before we move so if I can use it then great!  We’ll see how everything goes tomorrow!!!



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2 responses to “Stanley’s Adventures In Florida

  1. Mike Combs

    Ahh!! Jared was telling us all about it while we were there!!

  2. Tammy Weller

    I love Flat Stanley. Two years ago Flat Stanley came to visit me in the mail. I have pictures of him all over Vegas.:)

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