Emma Presents Flat Stanley

Emma did her Flat Stanley presentation today.  She was so excited last night and read over her story several times.  When it came time for her to get up in front of the class, you could tell she had turned real serious and maybe even a little nervous.  She read speedy fast!  I guess that’s partly my fault because I know what a great reader she is so I thought by making her presentation more as if she were reading a book that she would be less nervous.  I guess it worked , a little too well 🙂 .  She ran through that thing faster than we could get through the pictures.

One of the fun things about the whole time in her class was the question and comment time at the end of her presentation.  It was sweet to hear the kids give comments and it was nice to hear any questions that they might have had.  This was a perfect way for her to get out of her comfort zone and work on her nerves.  I don’t want her to get crazy nervous like I do if I have to speak publicly and I think more things like this will really help her!


The Stanley cookies were a big hit too.  I’m glad I had enough time to finish icing them this morning.  It took a little longer than I thought to frost 30 sugar cookies, but they were incredibly yummy (as evidenced by the 4 cookies left on the tray when I left)!!!

P.S. I didn’t realise that my camera only recorded in 5 minute increments so there’s a little gap between the first video and the second, and the second and the third.  I’ll have to figure that out!


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