Hair Woes

My hair is at an odd length and it’s starting to drive me crazy!  I loved it short but I also loved it long so right now I’m trying to grow it out a bit and then I hope to cut it next spring/summer in Florida.

Most days my hair is straight, or in a pony tail.  I’d love to do more to my hair but it takes too long and even if it happens to get curled it just gets thrown into a pony tail by midafternoon because it’s in my face.

I was checking out the How Does She email and ran across this youtube video for a hair tutorial.  The only problem I saw with it was that she had really long hair.  In desperation I tried it out.  Not only was it super fast but it was super cute!  Now, I’m not the best at taking pictures of myself but I tried to snap a quick pic of what it looked like.  I loved that it was off my neck, especially with the temperatures in the high 90’s today.

Check it out!  It might work for you too!


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