“Jennifer, I’m Here!!!”

My Tata came into town yesterday.  Joseph, Jacob and I were able to visit with him after Emma’s presentation.

It’s so nice to have him here this weekend.  It seems like everyone’s coming into town for the holiday weekend.  Brandon and his family got in late last night too.

This is a different visit from Tata’s usual visits.  Usually we don’t find out that he’s coming until he’s already here, at the airport.  When I was a kid we would get voicemail from him saying, “Jennifer, I’m here!  I’m at the Burger King here in the airport.  Come pick me up!”  Us kids always got a kick out of it but I’m not so sure my mom appreciated the last-minute notice.  She’s much more of a planner.  But now that I’m a mother and head of a household I can understand and appreciate where she was coming from.  But that was always Tata!!!  Until this trip.  He called almost a week ago, letting my mom know his plans and making sure he could come into town.  Weird!!!


It has been years since we’ve seen him.  Jacob was barely rolling over the last time he stayed with us.  In fact, I don’t think he’s been here since Michael came home from his mission.  That would mean he hasn’t met Amy!  This is going to be a great weekend with all kinds of family!!!


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