Sunny Sunday

It was a busy, busy Sunday and made a little more hectic by the phone call I got about 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave.  I got a call from our Primary presidency asking if I’d be willing to teach Jacob’s Sunbeam class.  They only needed me during the second hour of church which worked with me needing to go to YW third hour.

I love that you can look up everything you need to know on  I simply looked up what lesson was scheduled for today, read through everything, and quickly made some handouts for the kids.  Since the lesson was on “I am thankful for my ears” I thought it would be fun to make a headband with ears attached for each kid to wear.  I quickly drew some ears freehand and left it blank so the kids could color theirs.  We glued them onto the headbands and then went outside for a little walk and listened to all the different things that we could hear with our ears.


It was so much fun being in Jacob’s class!  I forgot how much fun Sunbeams can be.  I think it was about 10 years ago when I was a Sunbeam teacher.  Granted there were only 2 in my class, but it was super fun teaching them and watching them grow and learn.  I’m glad I got to spend some more time with my little angel!


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