Peacock FHE

We’ve had company all weekend long.  It wasn’t until this evening that we had to take Jared back to the airport.  On the way back home Papa called to tell me that they (Nana, Tata, Brandon, Kyrina, and Brayden) were headed over to see the peacocks.  I didn’t feel like putting the kids to bed and being alone in the house so I thought it would be fun to be around family.

We’ve been to see the peacocks a lot since we moved here.  It doesn’t ever seem to get old for the kids.  I think they love seeing the animals and showing others.  This time it was Brayden who got the overly helpful company of my children 🙂 .  I don’t think he minded at all!  In fact, I think he really likes it when there are more children around.  It’ll be so nice when his little brother/sister comes in October!!!  I’m sure he’ll rise to the occasion and be a big help for his mamma.

After spending a great deal of time chasing after the peacocks and coming alarmingly close to actually catching one, we followed some horses over to the corral.  We sat and watched for a while.  It was funny to watch all the kids migrate over to where Papa was.  He’s just that good with the kids that they love him to death.  Even these little friends of Brayden’s just gravitate and feel comfortable around him.  That’s the way my dad has always been and I love watching his circle of friends (even though they’re under the age of 5) grow and grow!!!

The people riding the horses let us come over and pet them for a bit.  The kids were a bit apprehensive but excited to try.  It looked like Benjamin was putting the horse to sleep at one point.  It was kind of interesting.  Jacob, however, would have nothing to do with them.  Sure he’d look at them and even say hi to them but have him try to pet one and he just flipped out.  Until Papa asked him.  Jacob was still nervous but he at least tried and found that it wasn’t such a bad thing.  Papa can get them to do anything!!!  We might have to keep that channel open for future use.

It was a wonderful way to spend our Memorial Day evening!  Family and friends!!!



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