Our Last Field Day at Ries

Today was Field Day at the school!  We look forward to this day right after the new year 🙂 .  Jacob and Joseph didn’t have school until late afternoon so they got to go watch Benjamin and Emma play all the field games.

Now, imagine trying to cheer, take pictures, and keep a positive attitude in 106 degree weather and NO water games!!!  They had great games but none of them had any water!!!  I was baffled and I think the kids were a little disappointed when they didn’t see anyone getting wet.  Instead, all the kids waisted their much-needed drinking water on splashing each other to stay cool.

It was a bit different but it was still successful.  The P.E. coach focused more on actual physical activities which was a great source of exercise for the kids.

You had your sac races…


… your soccer dribbling…

… your jump-up-and-down-goal-making…

… your hula hooping (of which Emma was amazingly skilled at)…

… your three-legged racing…

… and a little of your goofing around while standing in line 🙂 …

Jacob and Joseph proved smarter than all the rest of us and hid out on the covered playground equipment!  They would run back and forth between me watching the kids and the shade.  They had the entire area to themselves so it turned out pretty nice!


They did come out of hiding when it was time for a water break.  Ice cold water and otter-pops will do that to you!


Even though the temperatures were scalding and the kids were bright red from the heat you could see smiles every where you looked!  Benjamin and his friends, Oscar and Garrett, sat in the shade and talked while Emma and her BFF, Drew, stood in line for water balloons!

I know I had mentioned that there were no water activities but there was one time when water balloons appeared.  The P.E. teacher threw them at random to the kids at the water station.  Unfortunately, when Emma’s class had their turn at the station there were no ottor-pops left.

That seemed a little unfair, especially having to deal with being the last class to the water station so Mr. G split the class in two lines, facing each other.  He gave one half a water balloon and they passed them back and forth trying not to make them pop.  It didn’t take too long before all the balloons were popped and the kids were happy as can be.

Jacob and Joseph had found a spot on the ground to camp out on.  I threw a balloon right in front of them so that they would get good and wet and all I got in reaction was these amazingly cute smiles!  I guess having cold water thrown at you doesn’t matter after you reach a certain point.

It was another successful Field Day for all the kids,teachers, and families that came to help out.  Now, bring on the last week of school!!!


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