Private Lessons

I have wanted Benjamin to get a couple private lessons from some of the amazing instructors for a while.  I wanted to make sure he got the most out of his sessions so I made sure that we slowly acclimated him to the boxing world.  He’s had his headgear for a few weeks now so I thought this week would be a good chance to get some one-in-one time.  He seems to really gravitate to two of the instructors.  One, as good as he is, is Russian and is a bit hard to understand with his accent.  The other, you’d never think he’d be good with kids but he talks in a way that Benjamin understands.  I saw him respond well to him and so I set up his lesson with him.

Todd really worked on him “circling around” his opponent.  When someone’s coming at you it’s hard to just step out-of-the-way.  You have to stay on your toes and circle around to try to find an opening.  It was really good to see Todd teach him something and then look back a few minutes later and see that he was actually putting it together.

By the end of the hour lesson Benjamin was hitting harder, able to avoid getting hit more, and protecting his face so much better.

I love that Todd was so willing to do a one-on-one with Benjamin.  He said at the end of the session that he really wanted to work more with Benjamin.  He said that he really enjoyed working with him and seeing how much he was into it.


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