Good-bye in the park

Benjamin’s primary teacher put together a little party for his class to say good-bye to him!  It went above and beyond anything that we would have expected.  She bought a bunch of cupcakes, ice pops, and water.  She went straight to the park from work to stake out a spot at the park so that the kids could play too.  It was such a wonderful evening!

We’ve known Tammy for a couple of years now.  We first met her when she was investigating the church and would come over to our place for FHE and discussions.  The kids love her and it has been wonderful to watch her grow in the gospel.  I miss that part of Jared’s old calling as ward mission leader.  Our family was so involved with the missionary process and got to see, up close, how these new members learn and grow and eventually become these great disciples.


Benjamin and Willie (do boxing together)

Benjamin and some more of his classmates.  The little girl on the end, Brooke, is thought very highly of by Benjamin 😉 .

Benjamin was so pleased to have his party.  He told me later, “I know that you don’t like us to watch Sponge Bob but I didn’t say anything to Tammy (who had bought Sponge Bob cupcakes and balloons for him) because I know that would have hurt her feelings.  I hope that was okay?”  I have to say that, first of all, no I was no thrilled that they were Sponge Bob themed but I didn’t really think much of it because it was a party put on by someone else, but secondly, I was elated, thrilled, ecstatic, and any other adjective you want to throw in there just because he got it!!!

More than half of the time I go around “mothering” and most of the time I don’t think the kids even hear what I’m saying, much less comprehending it.  To know that he understood what I expected of him, both from the subject of Sponge Bob and minding his manners, and was able to find a happy medium and execute it all on his own made me think that I must be doing something right.  Whatever I’m doing I should just keep doing it because even if it’s only a fraction of what I’m saying to my children that’s sinking in that’s a whole lot better than nothing!  Of course I’d love them to hear everything that I say, take it to heart, implement it, find a way for them to make it work all the time and in every situation, and be these amazingly perfect beings!  But I also know reality.  It’s their choice and hopefully if I start giving them some of that freedom now so that they can test the things that I’ve told them to do that they’ll realise, sooner rather than later, how much I’m trying to help them.  Who knows, prayer can go a long way in closing that gap from reality to perfection!!!


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  1. I just read this and it made me cry. I am going to miss your family so much. Much more than you would ever know. Then I laughed when I read about Sponge Bob. I have never seen that show. Out of the selection it was the cutest. I will always smile when I see it again. Thank you for being such a wonderfuly friend to me.

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