We are swimming fiends around here!  Well, I guess I should say that my children are swimming fiends.  We’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go swimming and now with school winding down and the weather increasing in temperature it seems as good a time as any.

For most of the morning I sat under the canopy and read while Joseph and Jacob swam together.  Having them take those swimming lessons during spring break was the best thing ever because not only is Joseph swimming without floatation devices most of the time but Jacob is actually willing to get in the water, something he never did last summer.  I got a great deal of reading done but then it just got too hot and I had to jump in there with them 🙂 .  You know it’s too hot when your phone has a temperature warning on it and won’t let you access anything until it’s cooled off!!!



These two are getting closer and closer every day.  Sure they still fight every now and then, I’m starting to think that’s a fact of life I’ll never get away from, but you can tell that they truly love each other!  Joseph is really stepping into the big brother role nicely.  He warns, and teaches Jacob all the time.  Granted I’d prefer if he’d keep the arm-pit gas noises to himself but I guess that’s what big brothers are there for.  They teach you good things and real annoying things too 🙂 .  They were playing some game in the pool and they kept calling back and forth to one another “Big Brother!” or “Little Brother!”  It was sweet!


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