Emma’s Final 1st Grade Award Ceremony


My sweet little Emma had her final award ceremony for the year!  She did such an amazing job this year and I think she’s really developed some great habits that she’ll use for the rest of her school career.

In case you couldn’t hear.. she earned the Principal’s Honor Roll (straight A’s and E’s) for the third trimester, perfect attendance for the third trimester, Principal’s Honor Roll for the entire year, and the Governor’s Award (perfect attendance and no tardies the entire year).  She’s such a hard worker but more importantly she LOVES doing it!  In the mornings I find her in her bed with a book, I’ll catch her writing pages and pages to put together as  books, and occasionally I find her helping Joseph with his reading and writing.  She’s a great big sister, a terrific daughter, and an amazing student!!!


Tata happened to still be in town and he was more than eager to go see her at school.  Tata used to be a big educator in Arizona.  He’s done and seen it all but I think it was extra special for him to see his great-granddaughter walk across the stage and hear her accomplishments!  His health has been decreasing rapidly over the past year and with us moving across the country you just never know when or if you’ll ever see each other again.  His glaucoma has taken 70% of his sight, his diabetes is slowly eating away at him, and he’s fighting with the effects of his prostate cancer.  Even with all of that going on he’s still the same Tata!  He’s never let his physical issues come before his family.  He’s incredibly upbeat and so optimistic.  I love how he spent his time this week teaching my children songs that he taught me and my brothers and sister years ago.  I’m so glad he was able to be with us today!!!


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