The Letter “A”

I was getting ready to serve the boys their lunch today when I heard them singing something very quietly.  There was no way for me to be sneaky about it so I just asked them what they were singing.  Joseph pipped up before Jacob and said “Apple Annie”, as if I should know what that was 🙂 .

Joseph quickly sang through the song so that I could hear it but you could tell that Jacob had wanted to join in but just couldn’t get the words out fast enough.  I asked him to sing it again with his little brother and he was so good about it.  These two make a great team (when they feel like it)!!!  My favorite part is hearing Jacob say big words like “alligator” and astronaut”!  Brilliant!!!

I’ve started to notice that Joseph learns real quickly through song.  When it comes time to learn his times tables I think I’ll have to come up with some cute song for him to sing so that he can memorize them all!


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