Father’s Day- two weeks late

Since we were driving back home from Utah on Father’s Day we really didn’t get to celebrate properly.  I had originally planned on sending a care package to Jared’s secretary in Florida and have her decorate his office while he was out, but circumstances changed and we now find ourselves no longer in Florida.  The kids had made some presents and couldn’t stop talking about throwing a party, so for FHE tonight we did just that!


This afternoon started off with Emma trying out her new Easy Bake Oven.  She got hooked on the idea from a few weeks ago.  When I was trying to spend time with Grandma in the hospital the kids took to playing on Nana’s iPad.  She has an Easy Bake app on there that they would play on and create desserts for hours.  I think that, combined with the fact that she helps me create things in our own home, I could see her wanting something like this.  She made her first batch of devil’s food cupcakes and we set them aside for the party.

We really didn’t even know that we were going to throw a party until Jared took Benjamin to boxing and I realised that we probably weren’t going to get a better chance to decorate the house.



We did some very simple decorations, things that we had planned for his office that would have really stood out but when put up in the house they kind of got lost.  The best part was taking pictures of the kids dressed as “daddy” that I could print off for a collage.


By the time Jared got home the house was decorated, the table was set for his dinner, and the kids were jazzed and ready to give him their presents.  We had a nice meal of chicken caesar salad, and whatever side dishes you get from the grocery store deli 🙂 .  Like I said before I wasn’t exactly sure when we were going to have his party so I wasn’t prepared with dinner.  But it was more than the dinner.  It was so wonderful to have a relaxing family dinner where we could all enjoy eachother again.


I love this man and it’s quite apparent that the children do too!!!  I’m so thankful to have him as the father of my children.  He sets a wonderful example of hard work, love, and faith for them to follow!  Happy Father’s Day, Jared!



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