Emma has had this incredibly loose tooth for several weeks now.  Almost the entire time that we were up in Utah for Grandma’s funeral she was wiggling it and everyone around her took a crack at trying to pull it out.  Tonight it finally came out!

She was eating dinner and every time she chewed it hurt her tooth.  She was sitting at the table with her napkin pressed agains it.  I asked her to move the napkin so I could see.  Her saliva had dried her tooth to the napkin so that when she pulled the napkin away she also pulled her tooth out.  It didn’t completely come out, it was literally hanging on for dear life.  She started crying because she thought she was bleeding even though nothing hurt.  She started to say something and it fell out into Jared’s hand.  She kept crying until we showed her that there was no blood and reminded her that she was the one that pulled it out, not us!  She started talking and started laughing because she has a lisp.  We all had a good laugh while we put her tooth in a bag to stick below her pillow.

I’m so glad it finally fell out otherwise I might have been forced to pull it out in the middle of the night.  I’m just really glad that it happened now instead of later tonight when she could have swallowed it in her sleep.


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