7 going on 17

My sweet daughter turned 7 today!  Sometimes I forget how young she is because she’s so very mature or very hormonal 🙂 .  Hey, she’s a girl!!!

She surprises me sometimes by choosing to read over playing with the boys.  In some ways she reminds me of myself.  She’s stays active by doing ballet and soccer but she can also appreciate quiet time.

Well, today came and I still didn’t have much of a plan as to what to do.  Originally we were supposed to be in Florida and we were going to do something fun like go to the beach or the Everglades.  That plan blew up in my face and I found myself needing to have a birthday party but not much time to do it in.  I made it a thing for me and the boys to do while Jared was at home with Emma.  We ran to the dollar store and Target and picked up some pink crape paper ($0.50), a Hello Kitty table cloth ($1.50), pink plates ($0.97), a birthday banner ($2.00), a helium balloon ($1.00), package of balloons ($1.49), and a birthday badge ($2.00)!  I had everything else that I would need to make her cake and do her presents.  We drapped everything, and blew up all the balloons but only put some of them up.  The others we just left scattered on the family room floor for everyone to play with during the day.  I think the cutest thing was hanging the crape paper over the table to look like a chandelier!  She thought that was pretty fun!

Next we moved onto making the cupcakes and her individual cake.  She wanted vanilla cake with vanilla icing.  She is a frosting lover so even though I had made a Hello Kitty cake before (and on a much larger scale) I made it with frosting instead of draping it with fondant.  I did make a big pink bow out of fondant but just because I have no idea how to do something like that with a piping bag.  I did pipe on the ears though.


The best thing about this baking process was Emma’s involvment.  She helped me through most of the process.  I decided that it would be a little time consuming to make 18 individual Hello Kitty cupcakes but I thought we could make them Hello Kitty-“esque”.  We put them in bright pink and purple liners, frosted them with large dollops of frosting, rolled them in pearl balls, and topped them with a pink fondant bow.  As I was rolling out the fondant to make the bows Emma asked if she could help me.  I started to say no but that she could watch when it dawned on me that this is probably one of the easiest things to do with fondant.  She pulled up the stool and I showed her what she needed to do.  She made 18 beautiful bows that she then placed on each of the cupcakes!


While Emma and I were finishing up the cakes the boys took a walk over to the park.  When they got back I was taking pictures of Emma in the room but Benjamin walked straight up to Emma and gave her a flower that he had picked.  Ignoring the fact that it’s an oliander flower (poisonous) it was a very sweet gesture.

We started the party off by watching a little movie that I made of Emma.  It started with her birth and went all the way to just a few weeks ago.  I’ll add photos and video from today to it later.


Once we were thoroughly Emma-tized we gathered around the table to sing “Happy Birthday” and eat cake and ice cream.


At one point I spotted Jacob pulling out the stool.  He saw me watching him and in his own quiet way said, “I’m just watching them!”  Right?!?  I’m sure that’s all you were doing 🙂 .

I love how just this morning when my parents called to wish her a happy day, and we invited them over, and they asked if they could bring anything, and Emma said she’d love some strawberry ice cream how they ended up bringing vanilla!  🙂  Gotta love getting old!!!

It’s funny that she took so long to think of something to wish for.  She had done the same thing when we celebrated with Jared’s parents.  I guess that means she’s a pretty content child!  I can take that!!!

Content or not, she had her fair share of presents.  I had taken her to the book store the other day and we went through a bunch of books that she might be interested in.  I wanted her to have books that she’d enjoy but also books that would challenge her.  We each compromised on topics and came up with a good grouping (Boxcar Children, Ella Enchanted, Clementine).  Because she’s growing up physically and not just in age we had to get her some new dance clothes and ballet shoes.  We signed her up with a new studio for a few months to see if the more technical approach might help.


More than anything she wanted a Sorry game and a CTR ring.  For the CTR ring we attached it to the helium balloon and stuffed it in a box.  When she opened it the balloon floated to the ceiling and the ring was sitting there at the bottom 🙂 .  It was super cute!


It was a fun evening to celebrate my daughter.  She really is the most amazing daughter.  I have loved watching her grow and develope into this beautiful, caring person that she is.  Here’s to another 7 great years with amazing adventures to match these last few!


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  1. Wait! I must have missed this…you aren’t moving now?! Fill us in please!?

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