Rec. Center Fun

Swimming and friends seem to be synonymous with summer.  Today we were fortunate enough to enjoy both!  I love when friends call us up and want to do things.  It breaks up the week and gets us all out of the house.  Even though we have a pool in our backyard it’s nice to go out and visit places like this every once in a while.


We went to the Whitney Ranch rec. center to have some great outdoor fun!  It’s very similar to the outdoor pool at Paseo Verde and Green Valley Pkwy but it’s a bit smaller and a lot less crowded.

Willie is one of Benjamin’s best friends.  He’s the one that got him interested in boxing.  I love that they are able to spar one another in the ring but then leave the gym and play and plan things together.  They’re going to scout camp next week together and that will be another great adventure for the two of them.

It was so much fun to sit and relax with Amee while the kids ran back and forth between swimming and snacking on treats.  They could have gone on like that for hours but I ran out of food and Emma had a ballet appointment.  So, back to real life until we can come back again!


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