It’s official!  Well it’s official that I did more than trip and fall at least.

During last night’s amazing fun I tripped and fell several times on the kitchen floor.  I guess in all my planning and preparing I didn’t realise the effect that tons of food laying on a flat surface (tile floor) covered in plastic would have on those trying to run or walk on it.  In short, it became extremely slippery and several of us fell throughout the night.

The falling part wasn’t so bad, it would have only left a bruise which would have healed in a couple of days (a small price to pay) but it was the fact that I slipped once, stood up, fell after taking a step, and then Joseph slipped right behind me and landed hard on my ankle. There was an audible crack and it took me a minute or two to catch my breath, but then I was back up and playing.

At dinner last night it was hard for me to apply my full weight to my foot so I walked around on my tippy-toes.  By this morning it was in pain.  The weird thing was that it wasn’t swollen.  It hurt to apply pressure to it and to put ice on it but it felt fine when I walked on it a certain way and wrapped it.  Unfortunately, this will have to be one of those times where we hope that we’ve diagnosed it right because our insurance hasn’t kicked in with Jared’s new job so we can’t go see a doctor.  At least it’s just me and not one of the kids ’cause then we’d go to a doctor no matter what!

I’ve broken my other ankle before and didn’t know it until a set of x-rays showed it so if this is a break I’m hoping it will be similar in that I’ll be able to continue on with life instead of everything screeching to a halt.  Only time will tell.


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