Back in the Saddle

Along with all the many other things that I pulled the kids from because we were under the impression that we were moving, I stopped making cakes and doing my photography.  Now that we’re positive that we’re staying in town I’m scrambling to get back in the game.  Not so much for the fact that I need orders to fill but so that I don’t let this skill die.  Photography is probably easier to pick back up but I was just starting to get good and it was starting to become more like second nature to me with shooting manual but it’s been a while.  It was nice to take pictures up in Utah during that 10 day period of Grandma’s funeral but it had been over a month since I had really taken my camera out and shot.

My dear, dear friend Heather over at WhipperBerry saw me at church and while we were talking she mentioned that she was going to be taking Kacey and her fiancé out for an engagement shoot.  She asked if I might want to be her second camera.  I flipped!!!  I was so excited because she has done some pretty amazing things and really perfected her craft since she started practicing on Jacob when he was a newborn.  I was excited to pick her brain about posing and lighting and our location (the dry lake bed) was going to be a great place to practice some of the many techniques that I had learned.

Such a fun shoot!  I was in love with the theme (60’s retro).  Here are some of my favorite shots!

So not only did I get the privilege of being involved with the wedding that way but then I was asked to do their wedding cake.  I’m so excited and so nervous at the same time.  The last wedding cake I did was without any idea as to what I was doing and it was free and for my brother, so there were very low expectations 🙂 .  Also, that was one cake while this order is for SEVEN!!!  Oh, yeah, and two dozen cupcakes!

I’m in love with the challenge and I’ve had a lot of experience since Michael and Amy’s cake but this is going to have to be worked on over the next several weeks leading up to the actual day.



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4 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Tammy Weller

    I am so happy that you are staying. You were my first family and friends in the church. If it were not for you and Jared I could have never made it. Thanks 🙂

  2. Jennifer Long

    wow, you are awesome Brianna!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! You’re quite the amazing woman yourself! You’re still talked about in our house with that “Luv Sac” you made me 🙂

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