Cub Day Camp – Family Day

Yesterday and today was Cub Scout Day Camp for Benjamin.  I have to say that I was really excited for him to go and experience this.  It opened up a lot of opportunities for him to pass of things to earn his Wolf.

I remember when my mom was in the stake primary when I was little and I got to help out with the week-long day camp.  In that stake they did it for four or five days and just a couple of hours each of those days.  Here they go from 7:00am to 4:00pm for two days.

I would have loved to volunteer to help out but I had all the kids and Jared had a call-back interview so wouldn’t be able to watch the kids.  That’s okay, because Saturday was family day and we would all get to go up to the campsite and watch Benjamin and be involved.

The hike up the trail from the parking lot seemed like closer to 12 miles than the actual 1/2 mile walk that it was because we were carrying chairs, lunch/dinner, and I was on crutches to help my ankle heal from the food fight the other day.  I had some pretty bad bruises under my arms after we got home but I’m just glad I didn’t hurt my ankle any further.

As much fun as it was a little part of me was thinking about my niece and nephew, Hannah and LJ, who were driving through town on their way to Utah.  We hardly ever see them and I usually make room to see them but it just wasn’t in the cards this trip.  It’ll be nice to see them during the holidays.


The theme of the day camp was “Down Under”.  Everything that they did had some tie into Australia.  They made boomerangs, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow as well as a b.b. gun, they did a climbing wall, they made trail mix for the mile “walkabout” and learned a bunch of other things about the aborigines (face paint, rock symbols, etc).

While we were eating our late lunch/early dinner they had a woman talk about her time spent in the outback of Australia.  She lived for several weeks with an aboriginal tribe and had a lot to tell.  There was also a family that had lived in Australia for two years and the sons had learned how to blow on a didgeridoo and showed us all how.

It was quite the weekend for Benjamin and our family.  I don’t think Emma cared much for the dirt but it seemed that I couldn’t get Joseph or Jacob out of it.  It must be a boy thing 🙂 !


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