Jury Duty

Went to bed pretty early (at least for me) so that I could be up and ready for my jury service.  I have been pushing this day back for months.  I think I got my original summons back in March, just around the time that Jared was moving out to Florida.  There was no way I could serve with Jared gone and the kids in school.  My in-laws aren’t in town and my parents both work and I wasn’t about to ask them to take the day off for this.  Any of the young ladies that I usually have babysit were in school so they wouldn’t be able to pick-up and watch the kids.  I could have left them with another mom but then if for some reason I’m not home until 6:00pm that’s a lot of extra children to have.  They let me push it back to the summer time.  Summer came and so did my next summons.  Maybe it was the dreamer in me but I was kind of surprised when they actually sent me another summons.  They’re pretty persistent.  I’m sure I could have figured out a way to have served but, plain and simple, I didn’t want to.  I pushed it back thinking that by the time they called me to serve again I would have moved and they couldn’t call me again.  Well, I got my summons the other week and we had decided to stay in Vegas so there went my plan!  Albeit wasn’t a very good one.  So I called and checked in and put it on my calendar and told myself that I really needed to find a babysitter.  Thursday night, still no babysitter and only 3 days before I’m to report, one of my sweet young women Facebooked me that she’s working on her service project and wanted to know if I could use any babysitting.  Immediately I think, “YEAH, Jared and I get to go on a date” (something we haven’t done in months) but then I remember, in the deep dark recesses of my mind, that I have a responsibility and that I should really use her for Monday.

So here we are, Monday morning, kids are asleep in bed, Kami is getting instructions for her day with my kids, Jared’s running out the door to work, and I’m all dressed up to spend my day in a room with 200+ other adults who really don’t want to be there either.

As I’m standing in a line that’s wraps half a block around the court-house just to get inside and go through security I see this little unused door off to the side that says “staff only”.  I remember back when Jared worked for Judge Cory we would walk right past all the lines and he’d just flash his little badge.  I texted him this picture and told him how I wished I could just slip through that door.  His response was, “If you notice, that door is designed almost like a phone booth door.  You walk in a nerd on one side and come out a Superman on the other.  Minus the cape… and the muscles… and the flying… okay, so you walk in a nerd and come out the other side as a geek!”  I love that man!!!

Jared said something interesting to me the other night as I was complaining about my expectations for today.  He said that he was a bit envious that I get to spend the day at jury duty.  At the time I was thinking, “Ha! Because you don’t have to go to work!”  For me it might be nice to be away for a couple of hours and get some alone time but I still have everything waiting for me when I get back.  Jury duty is NOT my idea of a great way to spend my day.  And in his very diplomatic way (which I love because it gets me out of my mind) he said, “But you get to see the justice system in play.  That’s one of the things that I miss about the courtroom.”

Interestingly, as I’m sitting here with my legs falling asleep, it is kind of intriguing to think of.  Of course it would only be intriguing as long as it’s for one day and doesn’t drag on for days and days.  This will at least give me a great chance to finish reading The Book Of Mormon since I need to finish it by the end of the year and I’m still only in first Nephi.


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