… psych!

Okay, just kidding about the whole jury duty thing.  I went and sat for hours but I was never called to do anything!


I sat in that waiting room for them to call my number.  They called a group that included the number right before mine and then several hours later called a group with the number right after mine.  I was a bit confused.  Making sure that I didn’t make a mistake and hear incorrectly, I went up to the front desk to ask and the gal told me to just take my seat and that everyone’s numbers would be called.  Several hours after that they called up just my number.  They scanned my jury card, validated my parking ticket, and sent me home.

Ugh!  I should be happy that I didn’t get stuck doing it but I’m a little miffed because I alloted the entire day so that I could warm the seat.

Oh well, I guess.  Won’t have to repeat this for at least another 3 years.


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