2012 Olympic inspiration

This summer is the 2012 London Summer Olympics which we have been avidly watching.  I remember watching them as a little girl and loving the gymnastics, diving, and swimming most especially.  It was fun to watch the others but those were my top choices.

This year the kids are old enough to know what’s going on.  They have enjoyed just about every sport they’ve seen.

Just the other day, while watching the men’s gymnastics finals, Joseph came up to me and asked if I could teach him how to do flips like they do on the TV.  I was a little surprised by his sincerity and sense of urgency.  In trying to see how really into he was I told him that they started off by learning how to somersault, which he quickly responded with doing a front somersault  quickly followed by a back-somersault.  I was impressed!  So I went on to tell him that they need to be very flexible and strong.  I told him he needed to get his arms really strong by doing push-ups and needed to work on his flexibility by stretching so that he can do the splits.  I thought I’d lose him there but all he asked was how to stretch.  I showed him how Emma stretches for ballet, with the pillows and taking one out after a day or two of stretching.  He immediately piled the pillows high and got to work!  I’m now in the process of finding a gym for him to take a couple of months of gymnastics classes.  It could only help him, especially in his coordination.

Another incident, while the kids were swimming this afternoon I saw Jacob swimming very deliberately.  I immediately noticed what he was trying to do because we had been watching all the swimming trials and final races.  My children are well aware of who Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Missy Franklin are.  I catch my kids having Olympic races and playing different characters.  It’s really quite wonderful to watch and hear!

So, I was able to catch Jacob on video just to show you how far along he has come.

At the beginning of the summer he wouldn’t go in the pool on his own, at all.  Then he’d go in as long as he had a full-fledged life jacket on (no floaties).  After a couple of months of that I finally convinced him to use the floaties and he did, but wasn’t as active in the pool.  Now he’s in his floaties, swimming the backstroke, and occasionally jumping into the pool all on his own.  His progress is amazing and so inspiring.  It makes me feel a sense of relief at watching him and seeing all the hard work and time spent on his therapy.  Thank you Olympics!!!


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