Emma’s date with Mike and Amy

Emma’s been cashing in on her birthday presents lately 🙂 .

She spent the day with her Aunt Amy and her Uncle Michael.  They’re newlyweds (1 year anniversary was in March) and Mike’s going to school so they don’t have a lot of money for presents but I love how they didn’t just dismiss her birthday they just gave her the present of time!

So they spent the day together and I would periodically get pictures of things they were doing.

They started off by going and trying on jewelry at one of the jewelry stores in the mall.  I guess Emma tried on some diamond rings and asked Michael if he’d buy her one 🙂 !

After that they went over to Downeast Basics and tried on clothes.  She did a little ballet practicing while in the changing room and found a green jacket that she really loved!


They walked over to the pet store where they had little doggies.  Usually the biggest animal our pet shop has is a hamster so the kids always go crazy when they see cats or dogs.

Her and Amy went to The Body Shop and got their makeup done by one of the attendants there and they let her sample all kinds of lotions.  She found a strawberry one that she loved and they gave her a little sample container of it.

By the time she made it home at 11:00 pm she had been all over the valley and had so much fun.  She hit the sack pretty hard but not before she told me all about her day and letting me try on some of her lotion.

Thanks for such a fun birthday present!


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One response to “Emma’s date with Mike and Amy

  1. Michael Combs

    We had so much fun with her!!…you left out the part where Uncle Muck taught her how to drive in the parking lot of Boca Park! ha

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