Studio ONE

Emma got two months of ballet classes from her Nana and Papa for a birthday present back in July.  We finally looked up the studio and made an appointment for her to take a ballet class.  She’s right on the cusp of the age groups.  The smallest age group is 5-7 and then it regrouped with 8-11.  Emma is a really good dancer and fast learner which makes it sad to see that they just automatically place her in the younger class.  Inevitably that age just does a bunch of twirls and things that won’t help her to advance.

So last Friday I took her to the class and lo and behold she did a bunch of jumping up and down and twirling, for an hour straight.  It was amazing to watch her do everything perfectly though while the instructor was walking around correcting all the other little girls but part of me was a little sad that she didn’t get to stretch herself.  Right after the class the instructor came up to me and told me that she was amazing and that her class wasn’t advanced enough.  I was immediately thrilled and stunned as she proceeded to schedule Emma for a different class with an older group.  She told me to have her try it out and if it was too much for her that she could always come back.

So here we are on Wednesday and Emma just finished an in-depth hour on the bar doing pirouettes and relevés and all kinds of other things.  When we got home she told me her legs were hurting and so I got to rub them for her.  I love that we got that forced time together to talk about her day and what she liked and didn’t like about her new class.

I think we found a good spot for her as long as she’s interested.


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