First Day of 2012-2013 School Year

6:30 am!  That is the time that my kids were up and dressed and ready for school.  Mind you that the school doesn’t even open the gates until 8:45 am.

I have ever so slightly been dreading this day for a couple of weeks.  I’m excited for them to go back to their old school and I’m excited for them to see old friends and I’m excited to have those fun school experiences but I haven’t been looking forward to the yelling and fighting that usually occur because they chose to stay up and play or they’re tired.  I was impressed and a little taken aback.  It was marvelous and made me think that we could possibly move our scripture reading to the mornings.  With my young womens meetings Tuesday nights and Jared now having meetings with the bishop for his new calling on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays it would be so much nicer to do our reading in the mornings.  Plus, it could only help them get used to it for when they start seminary.

All four of the kids started school today.  It wasn’t until just last Thursday when I got Jacob’s acceptance letter for the Child Find program and it stated that he started school August 27th!  I was surprised at that because in the past they usually start that program a week or two after school has started.  So, this morning all four of the kids were getting ready because we were dropping all four of them off at the same time!  Both a little bit exciting and a little bit unnerving.  It took me a while to get used to an empty house when Jacob and Joseph started halfway through last year.

Everyone was literally hopping around getting their chores done.  It made for a nice calm morning with leftover time for pictures.

The kids helped me make a large batch of chocolate chip cookies that I packaged last night for their teacher gifts.  There were four different packages and they each got to pick the one that they wanted for their teacher.

Daddy got to stay home with us this morning so that he could see everyone off.  It’s nice when you have a job that will let you do things like that.  It was a bit weird walking into the school grounds because we had said good-bye just a few months before.  Even though it was odd it still felt nice and familiar, always a good thing on a first day of school!


We had actually already met all of the teachers the other day at Kindergarten round-up but it was nice to walk them to where they’d line up every day and introduce them again.  Emma was thrilled to see her teacher standing in line with a pink parasole!  Emma is so girly and into that kind of stuff, I think she was excited to see that her teacher was like that too.


We then walked Jacob and Joseph to the other side of the grounds to where their teachers were waiting for them.

We ran into Jacob’s teacher first.  I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden Jacob became the most shy and reserved kid in the world.  We had been making so much progress in his seperation anxiety but it seemed to all be lost the minute we walked up to his old teacher.  We gave him hugs and kisses while Joseph was socializing with his old friends that were in Jacob’s class again this year.  I love the fact that he’s in the morning class this year.  I just think it’s a bit much to ask for a little child to be active and alert in the afternoons and then come home, exhausted, and have to do homework and chores at home all while not falling asleep before bedtime.  The morning class will allow him to come home for lunch and then take a nap!

Now taking Joseph to his class was fun!  It wasn’t fun that I was dropping him off but watching him just thrive off of being in class was amazing.  He really is an amazing child (not that I didn’t already know that).  I watched as he walked right up to his teacher, gave her the gift (which made her look up from her clipboard and take notice of him a little more), found a seat and proceeded to smile at everyone he saw.  I did go up to the little boy sitting next to him and ask him his name.  The little boy told me and then I introduced him to Joseph.  After watching me introduce myself, Joseph got the idea and introduced himself to the boy on the other side of him.  There was one point where one of the kids at his table was crying because the mom was leaving.  You should have seen Joseph’s big-brother switch turn on as he comforted the little boy (no younger than him).  Jared and I were so proud of him and showed it with our thumbs-up and blowing kisses as we left.

That kid is going to have so much fun this year!


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