Mr. Blue Bones

That is what Benjamin has aptly named his monstrous creation for a class assignment.

He came home last week with a silhouette which he was supposed to transform into a monster.  He came home with all kinds of ideas on how to decorate it and what he wanted it to look like which was fun because I usually have to throw out a bunch of ideas for them to pick from.  I’m so glad that my ability to think outside of the box on past assignments has opened their eyes to how just about anything is possible.  We’ve done some amazing things!

So, his ideas for a monster were blue coloring, candy corn teeth, pipe cleaner claws, and several googlie eyes.  I covered his silhouette with blue construction paper while he was at school the other day and bought a bag of candy corn (thank goodness it’s in stores right now for Halloween).  I positioned everything for when he got home to see if I was getting close to what he saw in his imagination.

He liked it but after a while of looking at it and talking through what he was thinking we decided to cover it in “fur”.  I had actually bought some of this fabulous yarn at the same time I had grabbed the other supplies but I wanted to see his reaction first.

I quickly wrapped the yarn around the head so he could get a good idea of what it would look like and you should have seen the smile on his face!  He loved it!

So I got to work wrapping the yarn on this piece of paper.  I quickly found out that it wasn’t going to stay where I wanted it to so I was going to have to use hot glue to make it stick.  By the time his homework was done I was only about halfway through covering the face.  I told him I’d work on it while he was asleep and that he could put the face on tomorrow.

What started off as a small class project ended up being a two night event with me burning my fingers like crazy.  I had just picked out the wrong kind of yarn and that made the whole thing so much more difficult.  He stayed busy with making candy corn horns to place on the head and we even added paper to the sides of his waist to make him a little “fuller” 🙂 .

This morning it was finished and when Benjamin went downstairs and saw it I got a huge hug.  I told him that he needed a name and he looked at me quizzically.  I told him that after taking two days to create he NEEDED a name!  He came up with Mr. Blue Bones!

The two of them rode in the front seat on the way to school and I was able to snap a quick picture of them before they jumped out of the car.  Sweet Success!!!


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