86th Birthday Cake

My friend called me the other day asking if I’d make a special cake for her friends’ 86th birthday.  This is supposed to be his final birthday seeing as how he’s only supposed to be with us for 8 more weeks.  I wanted to help her celebration go well and wanted to make it as special as I could so I accepted.

She wanted a special picture of him and his girlfriend on top but I couldn’t find a way to print it on fondant or rice paper with only a few days before she would pick it up.  I simply had a picture printed off and cut it to fit the cake.

I did some nice piping work to cover the edge of the picture and give more character to the cake.  I used one of my grandma’s tools that she had given me a few months back.  This was the first time I had occasion to use it and I thought it added a nice stripped detail!

Happy Birthday, Chuck!


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