Tonight was my turn to take Benjamin out on a date.  I have to say that it probably wasn’t my best idea but he seemed to enjoy it.

I remember when my dad used to work for Primm and our whole family would spend the weekend or days off of school down at the state line riding rides.  I even remember having a summer job cataloging or some such thing with my dad.  I loved going behind doors that no one else could and eating at one of the buffets with my dad.  But it was always so much fun to go on the roller coaster with my dad and brothers.

Last year Primm did a special for Nevada residence and you got to ride the rides for free.  We rode the log ride several times and after much coaxing I convinced Benjamin to go on the Desperado with me.  By the time we got up there it had closed due to wind so we went home without that thrill.  This time, I made sure he was up for it and we took the drive down to the state line and enjoyed some one on one time.

As we were standing in line he started getting a little nervous and started hyperventilating as the car inched its way up to the top but the minute we were zooming around you could hear him laughing and having such a great time.  Me, on the other hand, got tossed around left and right.  I don’t remember it being so bumpy.  I don’t know if it’s because of the age or if it’s because I’m taller or maybe even because I was so nervous about Benjamin that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I remember.

By the time we pulled back into the dock Benjamin was “whooping” and so excited!  If it hadn’t been so expensive we probably would have gone again.  As it was I don’t think my neck could have taken one more time 🙂 .

Oh the things you do for your kids!!!


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