Today was our stake conference.  I have been loving these past few weeks of instruction that we have been receiving from our leaders, both general and local.  Today’s stake meeting was a bit different because we (our ward and two other wards) were asked to return to the stake center to discuss the boundary realignment.  There have been whispering of this happening for the past several weeks but tonight we got our first glimpse of the extent of the changes that will be happening.  The funny thing is Jared has known about this for several months but has been so good about not telling me.  Part of me is so pleased that I didn’t bug him incessantly so that he gave in but then there is a small part of me that was thinking “Why didn’t you tell me it would be this bad???” 🙂  I don’t know, just the  crazy workings of my brain.

My dad was put in as the new bishop of the Windmill ward.  We were sitting with Nana and Papa when they announced that little detail and actually Benjamin was sitting right next to him.  Papa was asked to join the other bishops on the stand and then was later asked to bear his testimony.  It wasn’t until after the meeting and in the hallway that I noticed Benjamin’s antisocial behavior.  I approached him thinking he had got in some fight with his brothers or sister.  Unfortunately, I snapped at him to push his attitude aside and to remember that this whole affair wasn’t about him. It wasn’t til after I was done that he started crying angry tears and said, “I don’t like Heavenly Father right now!”  It was kind of like a slap on the fact for me because I hadn’t expected anything like that.  I asked him why and he proceeded to tell me that Heavenly Father had taken his Papa away and we would never get to see him again.  It took every ounce of strength not to laugh out loud but I could tell it wouldn’t make things better.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to explain to him that we wouldn’t see him AT CHURCH and I stressed that fact very much.  He would still be our Papa and he would still come over to our house and he could still go over to theirs but that he was right that we wouldn’t get to sit by him every Sunday like we had for the last 4 years.  I reminded him that the church is still true and that Papa being moved to a different ward didn’t change that.

It will be sad not to see them at ward functions like we used to but that just means that we’ll have to be more diligent and creative in our efforts to see them.  Even though change is hard to see and experience it’s amazing because that means that the church is growing. This will give all of us new ways to serve and stretch ourselves.


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