13th Birthday Owl

A sweet girl in my ward turned into a teenager today!  She is an amazing young lady and I’d only be too happy if my daughter turned out to be as thoughtful, funny, and well-rounded as her.  Her mom had asked me to make a cake to celebrate and mentioned the all too well-known fact that she loves owls!!!  I had picked up a ridiculously cute owl necklace that I was going to give to her anyway but I thought it would be fun if I could incorporate it into her cake.

I set out by making the main part of her cake just a regular stacked cake.  I then used the same technique/approach I used to make my little nieces’ first birthday cake several months ago.  With the mommy owl made and the nest decorated I set out covering two extra-large plastic Easter eggs with fondant.  That was a little trickier than I had anticipated but it was well worth it because once they hardened a bit you could open and close the eggs.  I decorated the outside and then placed the baby owl necklace inside one of the eggs for her to open up later!  I added a sweet little butterfly to the edge of the nest and sent it off to be devoured!


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