BFF stage

Emma has this little friend that lives down the street from us.  They ride the bus home together and since her house is on the way to ours from the gate they walk home together too.  She’s been over three times in just the last week, every time choosing to come over to our house.  Her mother and father are divorced and her dad described the mother as a Disney mom, absent from the picture.  Her dad is very involved and came over to meet us and see who her daughter has been spending so much time with.

Emma has had other little friends but nothing quite like the little friendship she has with Taylor.  They are such girly girls playing dress up and doing each other’s makeup.  They love when I paint their nails and helping me in the kitchen.  They helped make Thanksgiving rolls the other day and were excited to see what they made.

Taylor came over the other day with this adorable Best Friends necklace and asked me to help her put it on.  They went back and forth over who would get what color.  I think I might have been a little more excited about the necklace than either of the girls 🙂 .  It just signified so much to me that my daughter is getting older.  She gets baptized in 6 months time and I can’t believe how big she’s getting.  I still remember her being this tiny little dark-haired thing when she was 5 days old at Megan and Mike’s wedding.  She has changed so much, although she’s still a little wisp of a thing 🙂 .

I’m so excited to be stepping into this phase of life with my daughter.  She’s so much like me in that she loves to read, do crafty things, and is perfectly content with solitude but also so much unlike me that it will be such an adventure!  She loves to talk on the phone, something I hardly ever did as a child which is exactly how my dad knew something was up when I would talk to Jared for hours on the phone 🙂 .  Oh, I just love being a mom and watching my children grow but also celebrate the now!


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