Special Delivery from the North Pole

It has been a wonderful start to the Christmas holiday!  Last week we got a package from The North Pole delivered to our doorstep.  It was torture for the kids to come home from school, see it on the doorstep, see who it was from and not rip it open right then and there.  The package was so amazing and everything that you’d want from a mysterious package this time of year 🙂 .  It had stamps from all over the world but the best one said “Special Delivery from the North Pole”.  I mean, come on!  How great is that!?!

Well, we hadn’t even come to Thanksgiving yet and I’m a big believer in letting each holiday have it’s time so Jared and I made the kids wait until tonight, after Thanksgiving dinner, to open it.  When it came time to actually open it Jared and I were a little giddy.  We opened the box to find an even prettier box with a gold “Made in Santa’s Workshop” seal.  With each layer the kids were squealing and Jared and I were inching closer to get a better look.  We finally got the whole thing opened and saw that Santa sent us an ELF!!!

He is one of the cutest little things you’ve ever seen.  The kids names him FRED!!!  There was a book about him and explained all the rules, well the one rule – DON’T TOUCH!!!  If you touch him his magic will disappear and he can’t fly back to Santa and tell him how good or bad you’ve been.

At one point while we were reading the book it said, “Tell me your thoughts and wishes and I’ll keep a list”.  Right after that Emma looked at Fred and said, “Fred, I really want a baby sister!”  Uh oh!!!  Jared and didn’t really know how to respond to that one especially since it broke my heart just listening to her fervently asking.  We explained, again, how I can’t have any more babies but that we could enjoy our friends’ babies and get ready for babysitting.  Oh so sad 😦

Well this whole elf thing should be quite the experience.  I’m hoping it will become one of those treasured traditions that the kids can’t wait to have with their own kids one day.


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