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Coat Shopping

Tonight for my date with Emma I took her shopping for a new coat.  She outgrew hers by the end of last winter.  For some strange reason it’s starting to get colder out here in the desert.  They are starting to put cold weather clothing out in the stores and so I thought it would be nice to go and get a coat now, when we have lots of choices, rather than wait for everything to go off the shelves.

We chose to hit Target!  There were so many cute options, some that are not even practical but they look so stinkin’ cute that you have to at least try them on.  We grabbed hats and gloves and scarves and coats and hit the dressing room.

Emma is so ridiculously  cute I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of her trying on the clothes.  We ended up getting both hats and the pink coat.  The blue pea coat didn’t stand a chance once she found out that the pink one zipped apart and turned into two coats!!!  She was sold!

So now we’re ready for the cold weather but knowing Vegas it will get warm for the next few weeks until we hit December.


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Tonight was my turn to take Benjamin out on a date.  I have to say that it probably wasn’t my best idea but he seemed to enjoy it.

I remember when my dad used to work for Primm and our whole family would spend the weekend or days off of school down at the state line riding rides.  I even remember having a summer job cataloging or some such thing with my dad.  I loved going behind doors that no one else could and eating at one of the buffets with my dad.  But it was always so much fun to go on the roller coaster with my dad and brothers.

Last year Primm did a special for Nevada residence and you got to ride the rides for free.  We rode the log ride several times and after much coaxing I convinced Benjamin to go on the Desperado with me.  By the time we got up there it had closed due to wind so we went home without that thrill.  This time, I made sure he was up for it and we took the drive down to the state line and enjoyed some one on one time.

As we were standing in line he started getting a little nervous and started hyperventilating as the car inched its way up to the top but the minute we were zooming around you could hear him laughing and having such a great time.  Me, on the other hand, got tossed around left and right.  I don’t remember it being so bumpy.  I don’t know if it’s because of the age or if it’s because I’m taller or maybe even because I was so nervous about Benjamin that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I remember.

By the time we pulled back into the dock Benjamin was “whooping” and so excited!  If it hadn’t been so expensive we probably would have gone again.  As it was I don’t think my neck could have taken one more time 🙂 .

Oh the things you do for your kids!!!

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Tonight my parents took Jared and I to see Wicked!!!  I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to see this show and I finally got to see it, but in style!

My parents got tickets at the new Smith Center downtown and it was a pleasure to be there.  It had a very old Hollywood feel to it and with it being so new everything was immaculate!

It was funny that my parents took us to the theater because the last time we to the theater to see a live production was when we were living in London and, again, my parents took us to see Les Miserables!  That was equally exciting and thrilling, but I had heard such great things about Wicked I could hardly wait.

It didn’t disappoint!  I loved every minute of it!  I was familiar with the music but hearing it in context brought a whole new level to it.  I loved the fact that the writers could shed some more light on the classic characters.  I love things like that!  Even though it’s not my favorite, the new star wars movies did the same thing for me – bringing a new dimension to the originals.

The fact that I was able to enjoy the musical was second only to the fact that I was with my husband who was equally engrossed by the tale.  I love that we can share things like this together!

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Emma’s date with Mike and Amy

Emma’s been cashing in on her birthday presents lately 🙂 .

She spent the day with her Aunt Amy and her Uncle Michael.  They’re newlyweds (1 year anniversary was in March) and Mike’s going to school so they don’t have a lot of money for presents but I love how they didn’t just dismiss her birthday they just gave her the present of time!

So they spent the day together and I would periodically get pictures of things they were doing.

They started off by going and trying on jewelry at one of the jewelry stores in the mall.  I guess Emma tried on some diamond rings and asked Michael if he’d buy her one 🙂 !

After that they went over to Downeast Basics and tried on clothes.  She did a little ballet practicing while in the changing room and found a green jacket that she really loved!


They walked over to the pet store where they had little doggies.  Usually the biggest animal our pet shop has is a hamster so the kids always go crazy when they see cats or dogs.

Her and Amy went to The Body Shop and got their makeup done by one of the attendants there and they let her sample all kinds of lotions.  She found a strawberry one that she loved and they gave her a little sample container of it.

By the time she made it home at 11:00 pm she had been all over the valley and had so much fun.  She hit the sack pretty hard but not before she told me all about her day and letting me try on some of her lotion.

Thanks for such a fun birthday present!

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Dinner Plans

I was getting dinner ready and trying to wrangle the kids into doing their homework when I got a call from my dad.  He asked what I was doing and I replied that I was “trying” to make dinner.  He told me to stop and come out to dinner with him and mom.  It didn’t take me long to drop everything and heard the kids into the car 🙂 .

It was so much fun to just go and relax, not have to worry about making the food or cleaning up afterward.  I guess you need to do that every once in a while.  Although, it seems to be that we’re doing that more frequently since Jared left.

I love CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for the simple fact that the kids get dessert with their kids’ meal.  It solves a lot of problems.  My kids thought they were so special because they got dessert.  Usually we pass, but tonight we didn’t have to.



After feeding them and loading them up with sugar I thought it best to go for a walk around Town Square.  We ran around at the park and even walked over to H&M to do a little shopping.  I love that store!  The prices are great and they even have a kids section right in there so you can get something for everyone.  This trip, we just looked.  Although we couldn’t get away from the kids trying on the hats and sunglasses!  Such characters!!!

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Papa and Emma’s Date

While at dance a few weeks ago I saw a flier that was advertising the production of Cinderella that was going to be taking place in an outdoor theater tonight.  Emma LOVES all things Cinderella so I bribed my dad into taking her out on a date.  My bribing went something like…

ME:  “What you doing next Friday night?”

Papa: “Nothing.  Why?”

ME:  “You want to take Emma on a date?”

Papa:  “Sure, sounds like fun!”

Man, I really had to twist his arm 😉 .  He called earlier tonight to say that he was going to pick her up early and take her to dinner too.  It was so funny when he came to the door and she was all dressed up and ready to go.  He looked her over and said, “Maybe I should have dressed up a bit more?!?”  He looked nice already but it was cute that these two were so excited to go out together 🙂 .

First up was dinner at Claim Jumper.  We’ve had our fair share of that place over the last couple of weeks but when my dad would sent me pictures throughout the night it sure looked like she was enjoying herself.

I love that my daughter is learning how a date should be so that her expectations are high for when she becomes old enough to actually date.  It’s not so much about going to dinner and a show and having expectations about the activity and the money spent but more that daddy tells her on his dates that gentlemen should open the doors and treat her like a princess and my little girl held her date tonight to that standard 🙂 .

I loved going on dates with my dad.  Some of my most treasured memories of him are on our dates.  I think that one-on-one time (with no distractions) is important for developing a healthy sexual identity.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was performed at the Henderson Pavillion.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor event.  It looked like they got good seats and I can almost hear Emma gasping in awe at Cinderella.

The perfect thing for a little girl to still be in love with!

I had expected my dad to just bring Emma home after the play but then I started getting picture texts from him with Emma eating pie.  Turns out, he took her to The Cheesecake Factory after and they split a banana cream cheesecake!  Now I’m just jealous!


It was 11:00 pm when my dad’s car finally pulled in the driveway.  I was so surprised especially since I reminded him of her curfew.  I know I told him in jest because I wanted to jab him a bit after all his reminders as a teenager but mostly because I didn’t think that they would possibly be out that late.

When I opened the door they were both standing there smiling back at me and I had to catch my breath for a second.  Emma looked so beautiful and so grown-up.  It was almost as if in the 5 hours that she was away from me something inside of her had blossomed.  She no longer looked like a little girl but more like a young woman.  It was the way she carried herself and the way that she looked and talked to me in that very brief few seconds of opening the door.  It really threw me for a minute and I realised that she’s growing up.  It’s one of those things that somewhere in your brain you know is happening but then one day it all clicks.  Tonight was my “oh my gosh” moment.

I helped her get ready for bed and then snuggled in her bed with her until she fell asleep.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do that so I took advantage of that tonight, while I could.

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Dinner With the Stars

A few weeks ago Emma’s teacher sent home an invitation for me and my family to attend an appreciation dinner.  I guess each teacher invited one of their parent volunteers as a way to say thank you.  I don’t really know what I was expecting but I guarantee you it was nothing like what we experienced.

We were greeted with this adorable banner and curtains made out of butcher paper.  We were greeted at the door and given VIP necklaces and then ushered down the red carpet to where they had areas set up for pictures with the HOLLYWOOD sign in the background.  They had faux fur coats, hats, glasses, and all kinds of other dress up accessories to make you feel like a “star”.  It was such a treat!

There were so many cute things all around the room but one of my favorites, one that we didn’t see until we were leaving, was that I had a star on the red carpet.  Emma found it!  There were other names on stars along the carpet as well.  I’m assuming that they were names of other volunteers and helpers.

They served us a wonderful meal and had lots of yummy treats for dessert.

After dinner they had a little presentation where they gave us volunteers a certificate and a little trophy.  My kids thought that was pretty special and took turns holding it throughout the night.

What a fun and unexpected night!  It was so nice to get out of the house with the kids and not have to worry about dinner and clean-up.  I almost feel like Mother’s Day came a few weeks early.

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