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Snow globe Cake

IMG_1191Tonight was difficult!  It’s going to be that way for the rest of the month.  It’s just something new that we have to adjust ourselves to. Jared has tithing settlement all this month and so we don’t get to see him at all on Sundays. Tonight was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional which the kids and I got to watch, in full!  It was quite the accomplishment especially since I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks with the kids and their behavior.

The devotional had great stories and thoughts about how to make our Christmas experience better.  They talked about being a good receiver which I thought was really important for the kids to hear.

As the devotional was finishing up and I was getting leftover cake prepared for after dinner, Jacob asked if it was for daddy.  I said it was for them, the kids.  Emma must have over heard because she came in and agreed with what I guess Jacob was trying to say.  She said we should bring it to daddy since he was working hard and wouldn’t be home ’til late.  I asked the boys if that was okay and everyone was on board.  We gussied it up a bit and within 10 minutes we had a beautiful snow globe cake with the baby Jesus at the center.  It would be the perfect dessert to give the bishopric after hearing the devotional and to kick off our Christmas holiday.



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Special Delivery from the North Pole

It has been a wonderful start to the Christmas holiday!  Last week we got a package from The North Pole delivered to our doorstep.  It was torture for the kids to come home from school, see it on the doorstep, see who it was from and not rip it open right then and there.  The package was so amazing and everything that you’d want from a mysterious package this time of year 🙂 .  It had stamps from all over the world but the best one said “Special Delivery from the North Pole”.  I mean, come on!  How great is that!?!

Well, we hadn’t even come to Thanksgiving yet and I’m a big believer in letting each holiday have it’s time so Jared and I made the kids wait until tonight, after Thanksgiving dinner, to open it.  When it came time to actually open it Jared and I were a little giddy.  We opened the box to find an even prettier box with a gold “Made in Santa’s Workshop” seal.  With each layer the kids were squealing and Jared and I were inching closer to get a better look.  We finally got the whole thing opened and saw that Santa sent us an ELF!!!

He is one of the cutest little things you’ve ever seen.  The kids names him FRED!!!  There was a book about him and explained all the rules, well the one rule – DON’T TOUCH!!!  If you touch him his magic will disappear and he can’t fly back to Santa and tell him how good or bad you’ve been.

At one point while we were reading the book it said, “Tell me your thoughts and wishes and I’ll keep a list”.  Right after that Emma looked at Fred and said, “Fred, I really want a baby sister!”  Uh oh!!!  Jared and didn’t really know how to respond to that one especially since it broke my heart just listening to her fervently asking.  We explained, again, how I can’t have any more babies but that we could enjoy our friends’ babies and get ready for babysitting.  Oh so sad 😦

Well this whole elf thing should be quite the experience.  I’m hoping it will become one of those treasured traditions that the kids can’t wait to have with their own kids one day.

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Christmas Day 2011

Since last night wasn’t too late (midnight) it made getting up early for 9am church much easier and pleasant.

The kids were wonderful troopers with getting ready in our room and being blindfolded and carried down the stairs.  Jacob threw a little fit because he wanted to be blindfolded as well even though we had no fears of him looking at things and telling the other kids 🙂 .  Something I just realised while stuffing the stockings, I don’t have a stocking for Jacob!  I had to stuff all his stuff in my stocking and that was okay because I didn’t have anything for myself anyway and he can’t read his name.  I think I’ll only be able to get away with that for one more year so I better get crackin’ and make him one!


Church was only sacrament meeting.  It was a wonderful meeting with letters and recordings from the missionaries out in the field.  It’s always such a special meeting when we get to hear from those young men and hear their testimonies of their Savior.  We have Elder Scroggins serving in the San Juan, Puerto Rico mission, Elder Noble LaHuillier in Aurora, Colorado, Elder Saylor Taylor serving in the Sierra Leone mission, and the final speaker was Elder Abe Ivie who had returned home just a couple of days ago from Argentina.

We were back in our house by 10:30.  The kids were so excited to eat their massive cinnamon rolls!  I think this years batch turned out much better than last years.  I guess I’m getting better at making them.


We had a great morning and afternoon at the house before we had to pack up and go over to the Johnson house.  We did have enough time to get the XBox and Kinect all set up but we didnt’ have enough time to get really far on the set up process.  Since this was what we spent the bulk of our Christmas budget on I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to do more with it but the kids understood what it was from commercials that they’d seen in the past and they were excited by the games that Santa brought as well 🙂  I’ve never been really motivated to get video game systems but this Kinect is really growing on me.  The fact that you have to be up and moving instead of sitting on the couch twiddling your fingers gives me more promise than any other system I’ve seen or used as a child.


Everyone but Hannah and LJ were gathered for some Christmas fun!  Grandma Pat and Grandpa Les wore their traditional Christmas hats for the occasion 🙂 .  They’ve worn those things for the past 9 years, ever since the family started growing with great-grandchildren.


Back during Thanksgiving, we all drew names for who we were going to get presents for.  Benjamin drew Joseph’s name and that was a no-brainer as to what to get him.  Joseph was ecstatic to find that his brother had gotten him a Yoda action figure!  Joseph drew little Ava’s name and that was a little trickier.  I happened to find an adorable stuffed owl in the dollar section at Michael’s that had the same colors as her owl themed birthday party. I thought it was too perfect to pass up.  Ava continually tried to eat it!  Matt drew Greatgrandpa’s name and so thought that some oversized Lakers slippers would  be the perfect accessory!  Emma was so sweet in helping him to get them on and tie them for him.


Sweet Emma drew Julia’s name and I couldn’t think for the longest time what to get her.  Emma kept wanting to get her things like makeup and Barbie’s but since I’m not a huge fan of either of those things with my 6-year-old I didn’t want to impose those things on an almost three-year old.  Instead, I made her a little apron with a pot holder and oven mit.  For not having any kind of pattern and only using scraps of material that I had on hand I think it turned out adorable.  I want to make one for Emma at some point (watch, that’ll never happen).

I made a similar one for Aunt Megan just using different fabrics and Megan got pockets.



We spent the rest of the evening eating Christmas dinner  and celebrating the December birthdays.  There was Greatgrandpa Les on the 5th, Benjamin on the 20th, and Jacob’s will be on the 30th.

It wasn’t much of a birthday celebration, something that I have tried really hard to make a point of having since their birthday’s are right at Christmas time, but we’ll be having a real party in 6 days time.

I hope your Christmas was as merry and bright as ours and that you were able to have loved ones near!!!  All our love, The Johnson Family

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This Magic Moment

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The Eve of Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet this year.  Nana and Papa left earlier this week for Utah and that just left our family and Mike, Amy, and Jenny.

Earlier this morning we met up with the Johnsons for our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast.  Uncle John was in town and breakfast gave Benjamin the perfect opportunity to have a little chat with him and ask him to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  I think everything is coming together for that.  We have less than a week until we’ll have tons of family and friends over to celebrate that big day!

I spent the rest of the day making our traditional cinnamon rolls as well as an extra dozen for the family we are ringing and running to. (shh 😉 ).  I was also running a little behind in a couple of the gifts I was hand making.  Emma had drawn Julia’s name and I had drawn Megan’s name this year.  I know Megan had said that she wanted an orbital sander for some of the projects she had been doing around her house but she had also mentioned how she’d love to have a nice apron since they’re like $30 these days.  I decided to make an apron for her and a mini apron for Julia.  I didn’t have a pattern so I used Jacob as a model.  It was funny to hold these pretty little pink swatches up to him and pin and tie things on him but he didn’t seem to mind at all.  I was so worried that I wouldn’t get them done in time but I finished them around 11:00 tonight.  Talk about waiting ’til the last-minute!!!

The kids and I made chocolate chip cookies and got the carrots ready for the reindeer!  Jenny told us about this English tradition where the children of the house go out and sprinkle “fairy dust” on the walkway so that Santa can find the houses of the children that still believe in him!  I tried it for the first time tonight with the older kids and you should have seen their faces!  They were so excited about the idea and it made a little more sense as to why Jared and I stay up after they go to bed 😉 .  The kids set up their tents in our room for one big sleepover.  We started this tradition more out of necessity than fun because we had little ones that snuck around the house at night 🙂 .  We had them sleep in our room so that we could hear when they woke – and pounced!

I think it was a record for going to bed on a Christmas Eve!  Midnight!!!  Since we have church tomorrow morning at 9am Benjamin came up with the bright idea to blindfold their eyes and take them out to the car one by one and then come home and open presents.  I think I have to agree to that one because they won’t get up in time to get dressed and open presents before we’d have to leave.

It was nice having Mike, Amy, and Jenny over for a couple of hours.  We were all able to have dinner together (chicken noodle soup and rolls) and go deliver our last days’ gift.  Mike and Amy appreciated it because they were living with us last year when we started this tradition.  It was nice to finish the 12 days off with them, running through the cold 🙂 !

A cute video of Mike playing with the kids!!!

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In England there’s a tradition where the children sprinkle “fairy dust” on the front walk up all the way to the door.  This way, Santa is able to find the homes of the children who still believe!!!

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A Toast!

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