Family Funnies

  • August 17, 2012
    As we were going through our nightly routine the kids were not listening and obeying which was waisting time that we didn’t have.  It was getting closer and closer to 10pm and they had school the next morning.  We decided that they needed some motivation so we pulled out the “paddle” (a 99 cent ping-pong paddle) and started slapping it on the palm of our hands.  It’s amazing how that one act will get the kids motivated to move quickly and get their stuff done.Joseph started to squirm and told Jared, “Please don’t spank me, I’m allergic!”With that announced Jacob, who is no dummy, announced the same thing, “I’m allergic!”
  • October 2007
    We tried to convince Benjamin that it was cool to eat his green salad, so we told him that Superman ate salad and that’s how he grew to be so big and tall.

We coaxed him to eat more, “Benjamin, eat three more bites so you can grow big and strong.”

He replied, “Oh, big and strong, like mommy?”

“Well, and daddy too.  Don’t you want to be big and tall and handsome like daddy?”

“Yeah.  But I can be big and strong like mommy too!”

Jared was a little hurt but it was more funny than anything else.

  • October 2007
    Benjamin was so excited to watch conference this year.  He’s on this kick about reading his scriptures every night (love it, don’t get me wrong) and when I told him last night that the Prophet was going to be talking to us on TV and he might want us to read scriptures with him he flipped.  Sure enough, this morning Benjamin got up and came upstairs with his scriptures in tow ready to read.

  • August 2007
    I put all the kids down for naps except Benjamin.  While I was checking my emails I heard a couple of noises downstairs so I went to investigate.  When I got downstairs Benjamin wasn’t in his bed and the light to the bathroom was on.  When I got to the bathroom there was a distinct smell of soap and toothpaste.  Low and behold, Benjamin had taken his new tube of green Shrek toothpaste and the liquid soap in the soap dispenser and smeared it all over the floor, mirror, cabinets, walls, door, and out all the way down the hallway into our bedroom and under our desk.  Not only was it soap and toothpaste but the night before I had brought some baking soda down from the kitchen to help my canker sore heal.  That was mixed with the other ingredients to make a nice little paste of some kind.

    As you can imagine, Benjamin was pretty shocked to see me standing there watching him “play”.

  • August 2007
    While Jared pulled Benjamin out of the car he asked, “Are those stars up there, Daddy?”

    Jared looked to where he was pointing up in the sky and said, “Yes those are stars.  Can you see them?”  (In Vegas the lights from the city are so bright that you really have to get far away to see anything worth while in the sky.)

    “Are they blinking at us, Daddy?”


    “Oh, no they’re not!  I’m sorry!”

    “There’s nothing to be sorry about!!!”

    “Daddy, they  just need new batteries!”

    Benjamin’s toys have been running out of batteries as of late, so he’s heard that term used quite frequently.

  •  December 2006
    When we got home from church today we had a message on our machine from the nursery leader for us to call her about Benjamin.  I guess one of the little girls, Leah, wasn’t having a great day and had been crying a lot.  Anita sat with her on the rocking chair and started reading her The Little Mermaid book.  Benjamin LOVES that movie so sat at her feet and listened.  At one point the book talks about Ariel’s “secret things” so Anita started singing the song “Look at this stuff… Isn’t it neat… Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete…” and so on.

    When she finished singing the song, Anita looked at Leah in her lap and asked, “Did that sound like the Little Mermaid?”

    Leah replied, “Yeah!”

    Anita then looked at Benjamin and asked the same question, “Did that sound like the Little Mermaid?”

    Benjamin looked back at her and said matter-of-factly, “NO!  You sound like the Sea Witch.”

    Anita laughed and laughed.  She said it was the cutest thing that had happened in nursery in a long time and she just wanted to call us and let us in on it.

  • December 2006
    While we were out for a walk, a fire truck drove by with a Santa on the back.  They saw the kids and stopped so that they could talk to Santa.  Benjamin was all for it but little Emma was a little less eager.

    Santa asked Benjamin the typical question, “What would you like for Christmas?”

    Benjamin replied, “Presents!”.

    Realizing that he was talking to a small child, the Santa rephrased his question, asking, “What kind of presents do you want for Christmas?”

    Benjamin sat there thinking and then looked at Emma and said, “Emma wants a LITTLE box and I want a BIG box!”

    It might have been how seriously Benjamin said it, but, whatever the reason, Santa laughed and gave them each a candy cane.

  • November 2006
    Tonight Jared said he would watch the kids and put them to bed soI decided to go out for a little bit with Joseph.  I got home around 9:30 to find Benjamin not in bed not even dressed in his jammies.  He and Jared were playing a game of memory.  I think some of the reason he wanted to play it was because the characters from Finding Nemo were pictured on each of the little cards.

    As I sat there and watched them play I noticed that Benjamin was pretty good.  Of course they had altered the game a little bit because of his age, but still he was good!  After a couple turns Benjamin turned to look at me, beaming, and said “Look mommy, I’m so smart!”  All Jared and I could do was laugh and give him a huge hug.


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