Our Courtship

We had our first date on June 15, 2000.  After six months of courting over the phone, we finally went to dinner on the strip.  Before we left we went by the, then new, Bellagio Fountain exhibit.  That’s where we had our first kiss.   After that weekend, Jared went back up to Utah but we continued to write, email, and call each other.  He would come down when he had holiday breaks from school and we would get together as much as we could. On one such break in October, Jared spontaneously asked me to marry him. Earlier that day I had been shopping with my mom.  We had started getting things together for me to move out on my own.  We found a great deal on dishes so we grabbed them.  That night, I was over at Jared’s place “having pie” when it came time for me to leave.  He walked me out to my car and as we were walking I told him about my day and buying the dishes.  He leaned in and kissed me and then still holding me close to him said, “I bet those dishes will look wonderful in our home.”  It was simple, but I looked at him and asked what that was supposed to mean.  He smiled and then knelt and asked me to marry him right then and there.  Obviously, I said yes and have never regretted doing so. 

We didn’t tell his family for a while because we needed them to get used to the idea of “us” for a little while.  We made it official at Thanksgiving dinner 2000, with both families in attendance.  Even though I didn’t have a ring, it was so nice to be official and to have everyone know that we were “heading” in the direction of the altar.  That Christmas, Jared surprised me with a ring that he cleaned and re-sized for me, it happened to be a ring of my Great Grandmother’s.

 We got married on June 15th, 2001, one year after our first date.  The rest is history!


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