“I can Choose the Right by Living the Gospel”

by Joseph Johnson

When I choose the right, I am happy.  I can choose the right by living the gospel.  In our family, we call that being courageous.  This is our courageous jar.  Whenever we choose the right by living the gospel, we get to put in a warm fuzzy.

I would like to share some of my warm fuzzies with you:

1) shared cereal with Benjamin
2) helped a lady at the store with her boxes
3) shared The Friend magazine with Jacob in sacrament meeting last week
4) was a peacemaker when Harley and Wyatt wanted to sit next to me at school.

When the jar is full of warm fuzzies, we get a reward.  That is just like when we choose the right, we get a reward by feeling warm and fuzzy inside and we have the Holy Ghost with us.

I am thankful for the gospel.  I know that it is true.  I know that Jesus died and was resurrected for us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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