“I Love my Family”

By Emma Johnson

This week has been busy for our family.  We take my brother to school every day, and we have friends come over to our house a lot.  Sometimes, we even get to have Nana and Papa and Sissa come over, and that’s really fun.  I would like to tell you about my family.

My name is Emma.  I am four, and I have three brothers, so I get to help Mommy a lot.  I really like to cook with her.  Daddy just had a birthday.  I like it when he helps me make my bed and he makes me chocolate chip pancakes.  Mommy’s birthday was yesterday.  I love it when she paints my nails and when she dances with me.  Benjamin is 6, and he is in kindergarten.  He helps me choose the right, and he reads stories to me.  Joseph is younger than me.  Joseph is younger than me; he is 3.  I like it when he plays with me, especially when Benjamin is at school.  Jacob is one.  I like being a mommy to him, and I like it when he smiles at me.

Heavenly Father has given me my family, and I love them.  Our families love us and we can show our love for our family by being kind and helpful.

I know that our family can be together forever.  I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that…


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