“The Scriptures are the Word of God”

By Joseph Johnson

I love my Heavenly Father and He loves me.  He sent me to Earth to get a body so I could grow.  Heavenly Father wants us to be happy.  We can be happy by doing things that are right.  When we do what is right we are showing Heavenly Father that we love Him.  Reading the scriptures is the right thing to do.

Because Heavenly Father and Jesus love me, they gave me the scriptures so that I can learn about the gospel and how to live it. The word scripture means a “holy writing.” When we read the scriptures, we learn what Heavenly Father expects of us, what He will do if we obey Him, and what will happen if we disobey Him.

When we read the scriptures we are reading the Word of God.  He told His prophets what to write.  To be close to Heavenly Father, it is important to read the scriptures every day.  The scriptures will help us to return to live with Heavenly Father.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ; Amen.


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