I’ve decided to just start compiling a list of the things that I am greatful for.  As I go through my day or my week I’ll add things that make me thankful and hopefully in a year, or when times are trying, I can look back over it and see what things I have been blessed with.

  1. My father-in-law’s laptop.  Without it I couldn’t be posting in my journal.
  2. The smells of Christmas.
  3. Plungers.  My son really knows how to clog it up!
  4. Our Book of Mormon DVDs.  They really help the kids grasp the concepts that we read in the scriptures.
  5. Rain.  It hasn’t rained in months, you forget how nice it is.
  6. Windshield wipers.  They come in handy when it’s pouring rain outside!
  7. That Nana and Papa want to take the kids for sleepovers.
  8. Swiffer dry vac.  Does so much in such a short amount of time.
  9. Christmas music.  You can listen to anytime or anywhere.
  10. The smell of red roses.  Don’t get to smell the very often, but appreciate it when I can.
  11. James Patterson. He has my attention right now with his murder mystery novels.  Something for my down time.
  12. My glasses.  My eyes just get tired of wearing contacts all the time.  I’m glad I have glasses to wear so that I can still see.
  13. That Garron is finally getting married to Abby.  They’ve been together so long, it’s just about time!
  14. The birth of Jesus Christ!  Where would any of us be without that little baby?
  15. President Gordon B. Hinckley
  16. After 11 months, one week, and three days our house is finally going to close!
  17. The Internet.
  18. My sense of smell, especially with dirty diapers around!
  19. Kinko’s.
  20. Mike and Megan’s old bed and mattress that they gave us (Grandma and Grandpa’s house).
  21. Baby Orajel is a lifesaver while the kids are teething.
  22. A bird’s song!
  23. Conference issue of Ensign.  I don’t always get to watch conference on tv, but it’s good to be able to read it later during quiet time.
  24. The washer and dryer.
  25. Tissues.
  26. Hugs, they always make me feel better.
  27. Fasting and Prayer, they really work.
  28. Bike helmets- Benjamin’s learning how to ride.
  29. Cinderella.  I love how Emma loves her character sooo much!
  30. Our extensive DVD collection.
  31. Channel 922 on Cox Cable.  The KIDZ Only channel has great music for us to listen and dance to during the day.
  32. Girls’ Night Out.  Need I say more!
  33. Dave Lowry, our amazing Realtor.
  34. MapQuest!
  35. Our new portable DVD player- for those long trips to see family!
  36. DUCO Liquid, helps keep Benjamin regular.

One response to “ONGOING THANKS

  1. We love you and your little family…. We’re also very proud of the two parents of our “greats”……. The very best of everything is always our wish for you…. I enjoy reading the things that you’ve written…. Thanks for sharing them… Some day we might be able to be together a bit more often and that would please me…. I realize it’s just a wish tho’…..
    President Erying suggested keeping a gratitude journal just as did Oprah… I’m sure their reasons might not be the same but the outcome might be… A couple of things to add to a gratitude list are the Priesthood, and the blessings of the Temple… Most important of all is the life and sacrafice of the Savior of all mem… Love Always!!! G’ma

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