Swimming in Deep Water

First things first, I apologize for the crazy pictures.  I had the wrong setting when I took all of these great pictures of the kids’ fun pool activities today.  I didn’t have the heart to throw them away especially since Jacob had such an amazing breakthrough!!!  That’s right, those are pictures of him swimming in the pool “myself” (all by himself).



I couldn’t take enough pictures of Jacob.  I was stunned that he had all of a sudden just become Mr. Confidence!!!  It was a lot of work to get him to that point but it just goes to show you that being successful in anything takes time and work.  Now it’s hard to get him out of the pool!

Emma did quite an amazing job as well.  I’m so glad Kami thought to go to the deeper part of the pool.  It got rid of the kids’ safety net and really forced them to do what she told them.  This week has been amazing in that each day has built off of the tools they learned the day before.  Kami really is a wonderful teacher!

Joseph did a wonderful job!  He remembered all of what Kami taught him yesterday and he was able to get to the point where he could get onto his back to float all by himself.  We worked more on jumping into the deep pool and diving for objects.


Benjamin worked really hard today.  Kami really pushed him to do the free style stroke.  He has really good form but the problem comes when he doesn’t breathe and then stops and completely comes out of the water to breath.  He just has to keep practicing and he’ll get to do a lot of that as the weather warms up.  He was able to pass off a few things in his scout book by doing all of his swimming today.

I love that my kids are so much more confident in the pool.  It’ll be so nice as the weather warms up and we can go swimming in the backyard but also when we move and they go swimming in the ocean.  The ocean is a lot different over there than let’s say California.  When we were there in February the water temp. was 72 degrees!  That’s unheard of!!!  I have a feeling that if the water is that inviting year round we’ll all turn into water bugs!


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