Last Day of School

With today being the last day of school we needed some great treats for the teachers as a way to say good-bye.  Benjamin and Emma gave their teachers gift certificates for massages (something I’m sure they’ll be able to use and appreciate wholeheartedly).  Jacob and Joseph each gave their teacher some fruity fish with a cute tag that I got several years ago from the ladies over at eighteen25.

It wasn’t until after we dropped the big kids off at school that I realised I forgot a little gift for their bus driver, Tom.  He has been such an angel driving the kids back and forth for the past five months, I couldn’t just let that go unnoticed.

The two boys and I ran to the grocery store and picked up some gold-foil covered chocolates and rushed home.  I printed off these adorable candy covers that made the chocolates look like little buses.  It doesn’t get better than that!!!  The boys helped me cut and tape the covers to the candies and then they helped me eat a few of the chocolates 🙂 .


With treats all done and ready to go, Tom picked up the boys and I followed them to the school so I could help out for the last day parties and such.  I asked if I could drive them but they love Tom so much that it wasn’t going to happen.  It’s okay, they’ll have plenty of me in just a few short hours!

Saying good-bye to our teachers was a bit harder today than past years.  In the past we come back the next year and see our old teachers in the hallway but that won’t be the case this next year.  Who knows when we’ll get to see these great people again.  That made it a bit harder as we were saying our good-byes.


I ran around from class to class helping out with parties and sometimes just watching my kids say good-bye to their friends and get addresses so they can keep in touch over the summer.

Benjamin’s class had a wall with white butcher paper up so that the kids could sign their autograph for their teacher!

They had a pizza party and shaving cream time on their desks.  Benjamin wrote a cute note before he wiped it away and gave me his hand print.



It was a wonderful day where we got to say good-bye to a lot of people that we love.

I find myself feeling incredibly thankful to these people who love doing what they do.  I love that they’re willing to work with my child when they’re great and when they need to improve.  We have been truly blessed with teachers who love to teach!  My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture of Emma and Ms. Daskas today but I put one up of the two of them from earlier in the year.


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  1. This is really sweet that you do this. Your family will be missed.

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